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Q&A on Dog Fights
My golden retriever killed my 5 year old yellow lab. Is there a way to break up a dog fight when you are alone or should I let them fight it out?
Is there a way to break up a dog fight when you are alone or should it just be left to continue?
My Catahoula Leopard Dog killed my Min Pin. What should I do?
Our 15 pound peekapoo just killed our 4 pound poodle. Do I need to put the peekapoo down?
My dog was barreled over from behind by a strange dog off leash, since then he has become aggressive towards other dogs. What's the best way to approach the socializing of him to help him gain some confidence?
We gave our aggressive dog to a family friend and it injured another dog so severely the dog needed to be euthanized. Our friend doesn't want the dog anymore, what should be do? We are broke and scared of him but he's a great and loyal dog. I don't want to put him down, but we are strapped for time.
I adopted a 7 year old dog aggressive female Staffy Bull/ Jack Russell mix. Is there anything I can do about her reaction to other dogs at her older age?
Our 7 year old beagle is attacking our 14 year old cocker. It’s gotten so bad we are afraid the beagle will kill our other dog, what can we do?
We have 4 dogs and 2 of them have become aggressive. They are attacking each other. Our vet suggested adding chamomile tea to their drinking water but that it would take a while to have an effect. I really need help!
In your experience, how effective is pepper spray in breaking up a dog fight?
I'm being considered as a new patrol K9 handler with my agency and I'm worried about how it will affect my family and current dog. What are your thoughts?
Is it too late to fix the aggression and fighting that is happening between my dogs?
Our dogs fence fight with the neighbor's loose dogs that are actually on our property. Might pepper spray be justified in our situation? What would you suggest?
I'm not actually having a problem, I just wanted to know if my German Shepherd is just being a German Shepherd or has he taken being protective to a whole new level.
My roommate's friend brought her aggressive dog over and this dog and my dog got in a fight. Since then, she's been growling at other dogs, not biting, but still. How do I correct this bad behavior?
What can you advise and effective tools to use in a quick situation to pull dogs apart during a fight before serious damage to dogs, and owners?
Comment on How to Break Up a Dog Fight Article
we recently acquired a third dog and she isn't getting along well with one of my other dogs. Are we too late to put the newest dog in a crate now? Can we turn back the clock and re-re-introduce the new dog?
We began having problems with our dog biting other dogs and even killed our kitten a couple months ago. I found your site, identified our mistakes and started groundwork. Is this dominance/aggression, prey drive or both? And if we continue to follow your training program, can the problem really be overcome?
I'm dog sitting for a friend with 5 dogs. Yesterday there was a fight. I'm not sure what to do at this point and am afraid to let the two fighters out at the same time. What would you suggest?

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