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Q&A on Dogs that are Overly Aggressive to People
My mother in law has a dog that is violent to humans and her new dog. I don't feel safe going to her house anymore, or bringing my daughter there! What would be the best possible course of action in this situation?
My do thinks we are going to do bite work everywhere we go. How do I train him to relax?
My 10 month old dog almost bit me when he was barking at something he saw in the front yard (through the living room window). Why did he do this?
Our last dog was aggressive to visitors that came into our house. What should we have done?
Our dog acts very terrified of people when we go for walks and to all people who come to our house, and is now beginning to act aggressive to kids and people. What can we do?
My dog is sweet and loving but he growls and bares his teeth if we ask him to move. He gets aggressive when we correct him. He hates people who wear caps or hoods. Advice?
My 13 month old dog challenged me by not giving up his bone. I picked him up by the pinch collar & held him off the ground til he dropped it. Was this the best way to handle it?
We have a very aggressive Pit Bull. We are concerned about our 12 year old daughter. What should we do?


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