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Q&A on Dog Bites
My dog bit me & tore my lip and a couple months ago she bit my daughter in the lip. She isn’t a biter so I thought maybe she smelled other dogs on our clothing. She seems sad after each event.
My 7 year old dog has never shown aggression to anyone before and up until now has been great with my 16 month old son. Yesterday he approached her while she was eating and she bit him in the face. I feel I can’t trust her anymore and should find her a new home. Am I overreacting?
My recently adopted dog occasionally nips other dogs, children and me. He is obsessed with small children and has very gently nipped a boy. He has gently nipped me when we go to the park, is this a love nip? What is he trying to communicate to me when he nips?
I trained my dog to be a personal protection dog. He has bit 6 of my friends. What should I do? I don't want to put him down.
Our 4 year old dog bit a friend’s child last week at our home. What can I do?
Due to health reasons, my husband and I sleep apart and the dogs sleep with him. One of the dogs recently nipped at me when I tried to love her in their bed. What should I do?
I walk a dog at a local shelter who wears a muzzle on walks and when playing because he has bitten people 5 times. I am contemplating removing his muzzle to try and correct/stop his biting. Is this a reasonable thing to do? And if so, should I use a verbal/physical correction or should I ignore the biting to show him it doesn't work?
I have a 15 month old Malinois that nips on occassion when excited. Today he attacked my son when he tried to take something away. What should we do?
What can you advise and effective tools to use in a quick situation to pull dogs apart during a fight before serious damage to dogs, and owners?
Today my dog bit my daughter's friend. What do I do now?
My mother has a dog with aggressive tendencies. I have a two year old son who loves to spend time with grandma, but I'm afraid something might happen. Are my fears justified? Should I request this doe be muzzled around my son?
We have four inside dogs. Our GS mix is constantly guarding the food bowls and growls at the other dogs when they walk by. What should we do?
We have 8 dogs. Last night they all got into a fight which resulted in the death of our 7 year old Dobe. What can we do to stop this from happening again?
My 2 dogs Petunia and Buttercups fight all the time, twice a day. Is there a solution?
I have a problem with a friend's dog and I don't know what to do about it. I am wondering if you could give me advice or direction on what to do.
My typically non aggressive lab has bitten since we bred her and she had puppies. What advice can you give us?
We never noticed our 10-yr-old dog was aggressive until our son was born 6 years ago. She's been barking and growling whenever someone knocks. Is she too old to train?
Our dog bit a 3 year old child.
My dog has bitten 48 people. Do you have any suggestions on how I can handle him?
Does your DVD “Establishing Pack Structure with the Family Pet” cover a situation like ours where we need two dogs to learn their place?


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