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Q&A on Kids and Dog Aggression
Our one year old Golden Retriever has a tendency to get very aggressive. I've been bitten a number of times as have 2 of my children. Help!
Our 9 month old baby has started crawling and our 8 year old dog snapped at him. I want to find the dog a new home but my husband wants to train the dog. Is it possible to train her?
We adopted a 2 year old poodle a couple weeks ago. She’s been growling and has bitten our 6 year old daughter. Can this be dealt with through training?
My 10 year old dog recently started showing signs of aggression towards our 11 month old son. We don't want to resort to get rid of her but his safety is more important. Is there anything else we can do?
We have a 4 1/2 year old GSD and just had a baby 6 weeks ago. We've kept the two completely separated so far, but I'm wondering how to start introducing the two.
My kids are in 4H with their 3 year old dogs. Last year one of them was bitten by another dog and now she’s aggressive. The volunteers at dog practice think a
My 7 year old dog has never shown aggression to anyone before and up until now has been great with my 16 month old son. Yesterday he approached her while she was eating and she bit him in the face. I feel I can’t trust her anymore and should find her a new home. Am I overreacting?
My recently adopted dog occasionally nips other dogs, children and me. He is obsessed with small children and has very gently nipped a boy. He has gently nipped me when we go to the park, is this a love nip? What is he trying to communicate to me when he nips?
My family and I are looking at getting a German Shepherd. We want to do protection training, but have small children. What would you recommend for a beginner? An older dog or a puppy?
My dog sometimes jumps up on my grandchildren for no reason. What should I do about this behavior?
My mother in law has a dog that is violent to humans and her new dog. I don't feel safe going to her house anymore, or bringing my daughter there! What would be the best possible course of action in this situation?
We have an 8 month old baby who is crawling. Our dog stands over her when she is on the floor in a dominant way. How can we correct this?
Would a dog that attacks one specific other dog be considered aggressive? Is this dog to be trusted around kids?
Today my dog bit my daughter's friend. What do I do now?
My dog is mostly an outside dog, but he comes in to sleep at night. After a previous incident, even if we leave him only for a short time he urinates in the house. What can I do? Also, my wife and I are expecting a baby, are there any articles we should be reading?
My dog injured the neighbor girl when she tried to hug and then kiss him. Our nieghbors said it is just an accident but I feel horrible, our dog has never done anything like this before, any suggestions on what we should do?
I need a muzzle for my dog who has recently shown aggression towards my eldest daugher. Please help!
Please if you could help with advice on what to do with my 5 year old and two dogs and well as my baby. I'm at a loss here and it is a terrible stress.
My mother has a dog with aggressive tendencies. I have a two year old son who loves to spend time with grandma, but I'm afraid something might happen. Are my fears justified? Should I request this doe be muzzled around my son?
I have a 9-month-old Rott that bit my daughter at 3 months. Since then, my daughter has said she's been bitten or at least scratched. How do we address this issues?


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