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Q&A on Fear Aggression
Our adopted a 2 year old female Bouvier has become very aggressive to strangers. Do you think she can ever be safe?
My dog bit a recently bit a lady while on a walk. She is great around the family, but is the complete opposite around other dogs and people. What should I do?
My 7 month old Great Dane/ Saint Bernard has begun displaying uncertainty with strange situations. Is this defense or avoidance or is it too early to tell?
I took my Australian Shepherd/ Rott to a dog Psychologist because he was nipping at people's ankles. They put him on Prozac, but there has to be some other way to deal with this.
I had to put my dog down today. I thought that I had trained her well, but she tried to bite my God daughter. What could I have done?
I have a Great Dane/ Dalmatian mix that is 9 months old. He is aggressive to men and I don't know how to socialize him. What do you suggest?
I have a Golden and 2 8 month Dob/Pit puppies. They are all very shy. I need help to get them all in line so they can be adopted. Do you have any advice?
My 6-month-old Kuvasz is displaying fear aggression. The problem seems to occur only when she is out of her own territory. How should I handle this dog?
My family just recently got a 1 1/2 year old Sharpie/Retriever. He is very fearful of my father. What can we do?
Our 8 year old Aussie is very fearful. She has nipped visitors to our house before. Recently she has started hiding under the bed and bit me when I tried to get her out. Do you have any advice?
We adopted a 13 year old Husky X GSD named Cassie. She has recently been showing signs of fear aggression. Do you think she will be manageable?
I have a 3 year old Doberman that is a fear biter. My husband hates him and wants to put him down. What can I do to make the dog easier to be around?
We are noticing some worrisome behavior with our 4-yr-old Great Dane. How do we correct this and what might we have done wrong to bring on this behavior?
I adopted a 7-month-old GSD who our trainer says is insecure. She told us to use a muzzle and prong collar to keep her from nipping and jumping on strangers in our home. What do you suggest?
Boomerang, a neutered two-year old Australian Shepherd has bit several people. We cannot find someone to take him and we don't really want to put him to sleep. What can we do?
I have a young female pit bull that acts very scared when I try and take her for walks. She lays down and will not move. What should I do?
I have an 11 month old Rott. The trainer tried to make him down and the dog tried to bite him. He said he was a FEAR BITER and recommended putting the dog to sleep. Should we?
Our dog is very nervous around strange's. When people come to the door it goes crazy and tries to bite anyone who tries to answer the door. Should I use an electric collar?
My 4 year old rescue German Shepherd is so afraid of meeting new people he shakes when he is around a lot of people. What can I do?
Can I reverse my dog from being a FEAR BITER?


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