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Q&A on Soft Dogs and Weak Nerves
I have a 2 year old GSD that is almost ready for her BH title, but she becomes too aggressive with the handler/decoy on purpose. Any ideas on how to fix this?
I've been training my dog in schutzhund, but she is terrified of the starter pistol noise. What would you suggest I do to turn this around?
I have a 2 year old Border Collie mix rescue that is extremely nervous and fearful. I got her at one year old, and have been working with her for the entire year we've had her. Any advice?
My Corgi had and incident with my fiance and he evacuated his bowels, his bladder, and his anal glands onto the tile floor and I have a few questions about what happened.
When our pup was 5-6 months old on a visit to the vet had a traumatic experience with a stranger. Is there anything we can do to help him? Or is this going to haunt him forever?
I have read about submissive urination and it doesn't seem to be very common in adult males. Am I wrong here? Should I neuter this dog?
My daughter's pup recently became very fearful of everyone and everything sense something happened at my daughter's work. How do you suggest we make him feel better and get past this?
My nervous dog won't take a treat, no matter what it is, making it really hard to train. What can I do so that he will take treats?
I'm trying to socialize my pup, what signs should I be looking for to tell me that she has had enough exposure to noise, people, etc?
I accidentally shut the car door on my dog's tail and now we're having problems with him getting back in the car. What should I do?
My 5 month old Husky/ Shepherd cross seems to be afraid of my husband when I am not around. What can we do to get her to like him?
Can you ever trust a weak nerved dog?
I bought a puppy from another breeder and I think I made a mistake. Can you tell me if I should return the puppy?
Since I have moved into an apartment, my dog has lost its self-confidence. How can I help her re-gain self-confidence?
My dog has weak nerves and has issues with the sit/stay when he can't see me. If I switch him to defensive mentality instead of pack, will this help him? Would the Defense Drive DVD help my situation?
My dog is terrified of the noise our new recliners make. I've tried everything I can think of, what would you suggest?


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