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Q&A on Dog Parks
An individual at the dog park was pushing away a puppy that didn't belong to him and when it tried to nip him he grabbed it by the scruff, shook it and threw it. This happened 3 times before someone intervened. What would you advise to do if your puppy is handled this way?
My 8 month old dog loves other dogs and is very playful. When at the dog park he grabs other dogs by the face and ears & won't let go. The other owners at the park think my dog is aggressive and judge me as an owner. Should I use a muzzle?
My dog wanted to play with another dog a lady was holding at the dog park. My dog eventually got the other dog's tail. The woman became angry and said I was unable to control my dog. What do I do in a situation like this?
Our previously social 7 year old dog was attacked by 2 Jack Russells and now she's lunging at other dogs. Would putting a muzzle on her help?
Do you have a DVD that shows large healthy dogs playing together at the park? My dog will watch TV and he could learn how to play with other dogs by watching this.
I read your article about dog parks and completely agree, do you have the same feeling about doggy daycare
My dog got into a tiff with another dog on our walk. After, there was fur from the other dog on the ground. The other owner saw and accused my dog of biting his dog. Fur flying does does not equal dog bite, right?
My dog was attacked at a dog park about a year ago and we've been dealing with fear aggression ever since. Any ideas on training?
My dog was attacked at the dog beach and now she is aggressive towards other dogs. How can I train this behavior out of her so that we can go back to 'normal'?
I'm not actually having a problem, I just wanted to know if my German Shepherd is just being a German Shepherd or has he taken being protective to a whole new level.
In the past two weeks, we have had some new puppies up the park and my dog has gone for them and pinned them down and growled and bit their cheek. What should I do?
I know you guys have a pretty strong opinion about people taking their dogs to dog parks. I thought I would share this story with you as a good example as to why you should never take a dog to a dog park.
Is a dog grabbing a dog by the scruff of the neck and shaking it like a toy an aggressive behavior? How can I correct this?
I have a neutered 4 year old Miniature American Eskimo that is aggressive to visitors. She bites at their pant legs, what should I do?
My dog has become possively over toy objects at the dog park. How do I fix this problem?
My dog is toy obsessed and won’t listen to me at the dog park. I’ve been trying to adjust her to being sniffed by other dogs while holding a ball. Is this right?
I had an idea though and wanted to know what you thought. What if the city parks and recreation had a trained monitor (as a pack leader) for these parks?
What methods you teach your clients to use when their adult dog wants to meet this strange adult dog walking in their direction?
Can my small-dog aggressive dog be trained not to bother small dogs?
My dog ended up biting me while at a dog park. What do you suggest I do?


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