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Q&A on Adding a New Dog to Your Home
I've adopted an adult dog and the lady I adopted her from wants to have the dog visit her for a few days from time to time so the dog doesn't feel abandoned. What do you think?
I currently have 4 dogs and am about to take on a foster. I would like your opinion of my current situation. Am I foolish to think that I can make it work?
We got a new puppy to help our dog get over the loss of our other dog. She has become aggressive towards the puppy. How can I help my older dog get over the loss of her bestfriend and accept the new puppy?
I'm considering adding a male GSD puppy to my home. Would you anticipate the same rank structure problems with the age difference between the two dogs, or am I going to have to get a female?
My friend moved into my brand new home with her untrained dog. My dog is trained but I'm afraid he's going to start marking in the house before I get her dog trained. I'm so upset I am ready to leave my own home and leave her and her dog there. Do you have suggestions?
My dog is crate aggressive but only to my new puppy, do you have any suggestions?
I am considering adding a male GSD puppy. Do you think the age difference between the two male dogs will be ok for rank structure or should I get a female?
I'm being considered as a new patrol K9 handler with my agency and I'm worried about how it will affect my family and current dog. What are your thoughts?
My family and I are looking at getting a German Shepherd. We want to do protection training, but have small children. What would you recommend for a beginner? An older dog or a puppy?
I currently have 6 dogs and I'm bringing in a Mal pup. Any advice on helping introduce him correctly to the pack?
I am about to get a second dog and I was recommended by a trainer to train the second dog in a different language in order to avoid command conflicts. I would like to know how do you guys feel about it?
I have watched most of your DVD on being the pack leader and introducing new dogs to the pack, but in each instance I only saw male vs female. I have a 1 yr old male from a working breed and I would like to add another male pup from another working breed. Is this doable?
We're moving and can't take the 10 year old dog with us. My boyfriend wants to put him down and I want him rehomed. How do you introduce him to a new owner when he only knows from us? Will he adjusts? Or is 10 years old to late?
We recently added a new pup to our home and want to make sure we're on the right track. Are we handeling things correctly? Is there anything else we can do to make it better?
We recently adopted a 5 year old GSD, we’ve had him 3 weeks. He chases our horses, what can we do? Would an invisible fence work to contain him?
My dog has started to exhibit some aggression while in the car. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions, and is this behavior likely a symptom of a problem that could get worse?
We have 5 dogs and are thinking about adding a 6th. Can this puppy be added to our household?
I recently took in my sister's dog and my 2 dogs aren't getting along well with the new dog. Can you please help?
My 8.5 month old GSD is pushing his boundaries. Will keepin gmy Border Collier permanently affect my GSD's development?
We're adopting a dog but in two weeks, we'll be going on a long trip. Do you think that will effect the dog's behavior?


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