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Q&A on Adding a New Dog to Your Home
I just adopted an American Bulldog. I have a housecat and have been advised to leave one or the other. Is it true that bulldogs and cat's don't get along?
I took in a Yorkie. She does good when I'm around, but tends to have accidents when I leave the room. What's your suggestion?
Last week I received a rescued Golden Retriever. His name is Boy. Is it too late to change his name in some way?
I am not sure what the distinction between getting a 2nd puppy to keep your older dog company and raising two pups at the same time is. Can you please clarify?
Once we fully establish dominance with the dog we might add to our family and train her and give her a 'job,' will she be relaxed in the house?
We are thinking about getting another dog. Do you think our dog can have a relationship with another or is it too late for him? Should we just not get a puppy?
We're thinking about getting 2 miniature Schnauzer puppies, both boys so we're fretting over having 2 male pups with out other dog. Any thoughts?
I have 3 small children and would like to add a puppy. Some people have been telling me to wait until the little one is at least 3. What input do you have?
I'm trying to introduce an 11-week-old Malamute into the house. The older dog stands over her and follows her around. Is this something I should worry about?
We recently rescued an 8-month-old female who's become aggressive and has attacked our other female. Is something like this possible to fix?
We are planning to add to our family. Is it a myth that the best pairings are male-female rather than adopting a dog of the same sex?
We have 3 dogs and 3 cats. The pitbull won't stop trying to kill the cats. Would an electric collar work? Or a muzzle?
Our old dog is afraid of our new dog. What can we do to fix the situation?
How and when do I introduce our two dogs? What can I do to help the older dog accept the puppy?
I am having a problem introducing my new dog to my cats, as he is fairly aggressive towards them. Can you recommend a training video or other that can help me with this?
Last Saturday we picked up an 11 month old Australian Shepherd / Shih Tzu mix after being spayed. She is a huge handful. Do you think she is the wrong dog for us?
Our new pup seems to be afraid of everything. She wont nip at us, she just shakes if we come near her. Any advice would really help, if you can.
I think we're rushing our training with our 4-month-old puppy. What are your thoughts on the situation?
We would like to adopt a new pup and leave it inside at night and out during the day. Will this effect her negatively?
I have always had dogs, usually strays, but never trained or had one as a puppy. What are the different philosophies of training and which do you follow?


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