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Q&A on Pack Structure
My rescue dog won't go in her crate, what should I do?
I recently acquired a new dog from my son because she nipped my grandbaby. The new dog is not getting along with one of my older dogs. I'm not sure what else to do, please help!
My Catahoula Leopard Dog killed my Min Pin. What should I do?
I know I need to establish pack structure and I can only afford 2 DVDs, which ones would be best for me?
Our young dog was scared by a person who charged at her during a family gathering and now she reacts aggressively in other situations. Do I have a problem?
I have a question about drinking water as it pertains to the groundwork/pack structure phase of training.
Our previously social 7 year old dog was attacked by 2 Jack Russells and now she's lunging at other dogs. Would putting a muzzle on her help?
My mom’s GSD has a lot of behavioral issues and is teetering on the edge of needing a new home. I’m frustrated with her, can you suggest some specific DVDs?
Our mixed breed 7 month old dog attacks our coats and shoes when we are out in the yard. He lunges and won’t let go. Please help us.
We have a rescue dog that becomes very anxious & fearful when we are going to put her in a crate, do you have any suggestions?
We have a 4 month old puppy that displays uncontrollable aggression to other dogs. We socialize him at pet stores, horse shows and with kids at every opportunity. I'm concerned because he's going to outweigh me when he's mature and he has already lunged at my friends dog and his teeth nicked me in the thigh when I got in the way.
Our adult GSD recently decided he did not want to go on walks with me. He will only go with my wife. This is a recent change, would you recommend using an ecollar to correct him if he refuses to go with me?
Is it alright to let my old dog correct my new puppy for bad behavior by barking and growling at him?
I have an idea for people who need a dog/people free area to walk their dogs without distractions.
During the isolation phase of pack structure, is it still ok to still have the dog walker come take care of the dog? Am I going to be able to effectively run my dog through groundwork with out being able to walk in an area without distractions?
My dog sees my husband as the pack leader and listens to him, but she doesn't with me. What can I do to get her to listen to me?
Can I use a tether instead of a crate for establishing pack leadership for our aggressive dog? My husband doesn’t want a crate in the house.
Our 12 year old Border Collie gets aggressive and tries to bite us when we attempt to put a lead on him. This is causing us a lot of problems. Any advice?
My dog doesn’t seem to care where he puts his feet, he carelessly steps on my feet often enough that I want to stop this behavior. Any suggestions are appreciated.
My dog was running around and plowed broadside into an old, arthritic dog. The old dog was euthanized. I saw the dogs with their heads together earlier, could it be that the dogs were communicating about my dog helping the old one out of her misery? Is there such a thing as assisted suicide in dogs?

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