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Q&A on Protection Training - Pups 8 Weeks to 1 Year
There was an accident with my pup. She got hit in the eye with the clatter stick. She's lost her prey drive and is afraid of the leather rag. What to do?
I am disabled and have a few questions about training my dog to assist me as well as protect.
If I take my pup to protection training will I be able to have people come over without putting my dog away? Is there a difference from guard dog and protection dog?
How do I determine if my puppy is sharp?
A local training school told me I should use German to train protection work. They said this would make it easier for my dog to understand. Is this true?
I want to train my 5-month Rott. My vet recommended I neuter it at 8 months. What do you think?
Would you recommend a personal protection trainer in my area?
How do I know if my dog would be good for personal protection?
I’m concerned I screwed up my 12-month Rott. What should I do now?
Can you give me a list of German commands for my dog?
I have a 9-month GSD that I bought for personal protection. She doesn’t seem to have a mean bone in her body. Did I waste my money?
My pup is 10 months old. Is it too late to start protection training?
We have an older dog, (10 years). Will it be OK to leave him with our puppy when we aren’t home?
I have a 10-week pup I want protection-trained. Should I keep people away from it?
I have a 9-week pup. A local trainer said he would start protection work at 3 1/2 months. Should I do this?
I have a 6-month Doberman that isn’t protective of the house or family. When people he barks at come close, he runs. What should we do?
How long should my pup be trained in 'Prey Bite Work' before we start 'Obedience'?
Our 7-month male squirts pee when we approach it. Is there a problem?
Is it normal during teething for a pup’s drive for sack or tug to diminish to a level where it is almost nonexistent?
I have an 8-month old pup that I’ve done off-leash obedience with. Now I want to protection train her but she shows no interest. What should I do?


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