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Q&A on Training Personal Protection Dogs
My real question is what tug is the best for a smaller dog and are there any special training techniques for working such a small slow developing dog?
We want our dog to bark at cars and people coming to our yard. She barks at the night critters but never people or cars. Is there a way to make her more aggressive towards strange people and cars? Or is it too late? If we get a new puppy, how can we develop this trait?
I am starting protection training. Is it a hindrance to the dog to have on a agitation collar vs agitation harness?
My trainer says my dog should always be in the crate while we're on the road, but told me about car jacking training. How is the dog supposed to foil a car jacking if he is in the crate? Is it ok if he is just in a down in the car?
Do you think you will ever make a DVD that helps you introduce the 'Ellis Method' to an already trained adult dog?
Can a trained personal protection dog can be an effective deterrent for a serious stalker?
Why don’t you use an OUT command on the hidden sleeve?
Do you have a DVD on Czech dog commands?


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