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Q&A on Protection Training - Adult Dogs
I would like to train my dog to protect my car. What should I do?
My young male hackles up a little (near the tail) just before gripping in bite training. Should I be concerned?
I live in Greece and have been doing helper work for 2 years. I am having a problem moving a female into some form of defense. Any ideas?
My female will not out the sleeve once it has been slipped by the helper. We have tried everything. Do you have any ideas?
My young dog will work in prey, but the instant the helper slips the sleeve the dog spits it out. What should we do?
Do your videos train dogs to hit an arm which is holding a gun? We live an area where the Bloods and Cripps have run through our back yard.
My friend has a Doberman as a guard dog for his business. The business was recently robbed. Did he over-socialize his dog?
We sent our dog to a guard dog trainer. I think he created some problems. Can you offer any advise?
My 11-month Bull dog doesn’t have a full mouth bite. What can I do?
My dog will protect the home when I am there, but not when I’m gone. What should I do to correct this?
What do you think of Koehler books?
We have 2 dogs in our Sch. club that are 15 & 17 months old with no prior training. Neither shows much prey or defense. Can they be trained in protection work?
Can a protection dog be used in search and rescue work?
My husband thinks you train a dog to be a perimeter guard dog by spraying him in the face with vinegar. Is that true?
Can I use a friend as a helper for bite training?
I signed up for a protection dog class and I feel that I have been scammed. Can I do the helper work on our own dog?
Can I over-socialize my dog for protection training?
My 12-month dog won’t bark in protection work. What should I do?
Will protection training my 2-year Rott put my family in danger?
I have a rescue dog that is either timid or aggressive around tall men. Should I protection train him?


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