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Q&A on Training Police Service Dogs
Why do some dogs show all the potential to become working dogs, go through training and pass the evaluation for working dogs, but when you deploy the handler and dog, some will report back that the dog doesn't want to work during operational deployment?
I'm being considered as a new patrol K9 handler with my agency and I'm worried about how it will affect my family and current dog. What are your thoughts?
I'm about to be a new K9 handler. When the dog arrives I will have a new baby and two dogs. I'm think about making an outside kennl for my K9 to live in. Is this a good idea?
I was ordered to carry my long gun, and draw down, when approaching a suspect while the dog is apprehending him. Is it safer to have the long gun or unsafer in that situation?
I bought a 6 week old puppy, (the last of 14 in the litter). It screams when we go near it. What should I do?
I am a police K-9 handler and am taking my first vacation with my family for 6 days. I am leaving my dog with another K-9 handler. Do you have any concerns?
My 3-yr-old police dog had an accident after a formal retrieve exercise and has not been biting well. What do you suggest?
I have plans on becoming a trainer and want to become a k9 officer. How is it that hanging a dog and beating him forces him to respect you?
What do you expect from a good (working) puppy to show you before you treat him as a mature dog and not as a puppy?
I have a problem with my k9 that I cannot solve. He cries all of the time in the car, how can I get him to stop?
My 3 year old Mal is sensitive to the E-Collar. What can I do?
I am being considered for a police K9 handler position. I am concerned about the safety of my two small children. Do you have any advice?
My wife and I are both police dog handlers in England. My question is would I be able to do helper work with her to assist in his training?
My 3 year old Mal bites solid, but does not like to OUT. When he does out, he goes into a rear guard and bark. Do you have any suggestions?
My police K9 will not take the bite on the street. In training he never hesitates. What can I do to fix this?
We have a few problems with our police K9 concerning his building search not being thorough, possessiveness of the cruiser, etc. Any advice is appreciated.
Is it unrealistic to expect a police service dog to be operational at 11-13 months?
My husband will be getting a new police K9 soon. We already have a dog, so what do we need to do when the new dog comes into the family?
My service dog will not engage the helper in muzzle training?
I have a 9 month old female that is in training for a police service dog. It recently hit a wall when it developed serious problems with slippery floors. What can we do?


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