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Q&A on Training Police Service Dogs
I am wondering if the 5 week old pup you have for sale can do detector work?
What are your thoughts on a dual purpose police service dog having a handler change after being in service for approximately 2 years.
My dogs love a ball but since our department no longer wants to use Shutzhund dogs, the local club is going to train them with food. I'm concerned.
I have a 1 year old bloodhound that we are training to be a police service dog...?
We have a new patrol dog candidate. It has some serious issues with slick floors. What can we do?
I have a Dutch Shepherd that is great in protection work & muzzle fighting, but when training is done he becomes passive and seem like a pet. What can I do?
Our dogs are locked in prey. When we hit them with the stick they will not stop focusing on the sleeve that is laying on the ground. What should we do?
I was wondering if you could tell me were I could get some info on the required training hours a narcotics dog should have and a patrol dog?
When you buy a police dog is it better to buy a puppy or buy a dog that is it already trained?
I recently attended another agency’s training session. The helper was beating the dog off the sleeve with a stick when it was dirty. Your opinion?
Can you explain the main role of the helper or agitator in the protection phase of police service work?
I am about to receive my new patrol dog, (an import), can you offer advise on how to bond with this dog?
I have a 4 month old pup that is being raised for a patrol dog. Can you advise which books and tapes to purchase?
Can a dual purpose police service dog stay in the house at night, live as a house dog, play with the family and then go to work and function efficiently?
Can you define fight drive for me?
My dog is having problems on slippery floors when we work on the search. Can we get him past this issue? Should we even worry about?
Why don’t you use an OUT command on the hidden sleeve?


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