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Q&A on Schutzhund
I want to get into Schutzhund with my new pup and I have kids, will this training make my dog mean?
I recently joined a schutzhund club with my adult dog and some of the members have suggested I withhold food from my dog to get him to focus more on me. Where does this kind of training cross the line? I don’t want to starve my dog! I need some advice.
I attended a local schutzhund club for an evaluation on my new puppy. I was told not to work on obedience at all, just work on tugging and let the pup be the boss of the house & be dominant over me so he’ll have more confidence when we start training later. I’ve purchased many of the Michael Ellis videos and this goes against everything I have learned, what do you think?
I adopted a GSD a few months ago and I’m interested in protection sports. What do you do if a dog shows it’s unsuited for a specific sport like IPO/IGP?
If I do protection sports (Schutzhund/IGP) with my German Shepherd is it going to make him aggressive to strangers? He’s currently a very friendly dog and I don’t want to ruin that.
I purchased a 2 year old dog that is already trained & has a BH in IPO but I am new to the sport. One of my club members suggested I go back to basics and start with food training even though the dog is more advanced. Do you have any advice?
I have a 2 year old GSD that is almost ready for her BH title, but she becomes too aggressive with the handler/decoy on purpose. Any ideas on how to fix this?
I’m new to dog training and thought I would buy a trained dog to compete in Schutzhund and obedience and learn while competing. What would you suggest?
I’m doing Schutzhund training with my dogs and I wonder how often can I train my dogs without burning them out?
I want to get my 14-month-old Shepherd involved in Schutzhund but I haven’t done much obedience because I didn’t want to ruin his drives. What video or book do you recommend?
I also have a younger dog I'm doing Schutzhund with and would like to do agility also. I've been told not to do both at the same time as it will bring confusion. Any thoughts on this?
I have an 18-month-old GSD who I'd like to do Schutzhund with. He won't bite a sleeve and has tail-chasing problems. Is there away I can work with him?
Can you tell me why a GSD puppy with SCH bloodlines would not be fit to compete in Mondio-ring and if what this lady says is true?
Will the fact that my dog is neutered be a hindrance in getting his next title in Schutzhund?
I have have a 9-month-old GS who has already started on Schutzhund work. She’s a terror at the training field but can only stay focused for a few minutes at home. Any suggestions?
Is it possible to have a dog that competes Schutzhund, but is also a great companion at the same time? Most of the Schutzhund dogs I have seen spend a lot of time in kennels.
I just got a GSD pup and would like to train him in Schutzhund. Where do you think I should start?
I want to train my 8 month old Rott in Schutzhund. Can I do this with your DVD's? If so, what ones do you recommend?
Why is it important for the dog to carry the sleeve?
I have been training my female in Schutzhund. She is almost ready for a SchH 1. She recently bit a man who asked to pet her. What did I do wrong?


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