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Q&A on Schutzhund Obedience
I use platz during training for down. Which German word should I use at home to lay down by my side?
I need help with the send out. Any ideas?
My SchH 1 GSD whines during the long down and this is carrying over into her heeling. Do you have any ideas?
Do you know of anyone in the Illinois area that works in the Michael Ellis system? l have ordered all three tapes, but need a little guidance.
How do I start teaching the send out exercise for Schutzhund?
I have a 9 month GSD that I've now started to work some basic jumps (heights of 2-3 feet). Is it too soon to work jumps?
I train my dog for the B in local public areas and have problems with people who want to pet my dog. Do you have any ideas?
I was told not to start my obedience training on my pups until they were 1 year old. Is that true?
My new dog will not be quiet during the long down. What should I do?
I am going to start to train for Companion B - should we start with food or a toy?
I would like to know how to handle a dog that tries to bite his handler when it becomes frustrated in bite work during sport training.
One of the helpers took my dog out at 7 months and brought out his defense. Did this ruin my dog?
I am confused about is what is causing the dogs to go for the bite during the bark and hold. Is the handler giving the command?
My 17 month old dog bites the sleeve on the elbow all the time. What can I do?
My pup will play with her tug like crazy at home. When I take her to the training field or down the street she ignores it. What should I do?


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