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Q&A on Questions from Police K-9 Handlers
My K-9 will not out the reward (rolled up towel) after a positive alert for narcotics. Please help!
My mal has started acting differently sense being deployed in Irag, how can I fix his behavior?
My dog is having problems being distracted by buildings and wanting to go in during tracking. How can I fix this?
I have a few bonding questions. Am I going about things right? Any suggestions?
I'm worried about my neighbor's police dog when it comes to mine and my pup's safety. Should I be?
I am and have been searching for narcotic scent permiated dog toys to work on scent detection. Do you or you company/business have or know where I can find such an item?
I have a few questions about the out.
I have a dominant Malinois and was wondering if the steel mesh kennel would be best as he is pulling at the chain link on the gate. Which size would suit best?
My 4 year old GSD police K9 will not work with strange people around and seems to get performance anxiety. How can I correct this problem?
Is there a way to keep a K9 service dog sharp for work, yet be sociable with family members?
My Malinois K9 is handler sensitive, and has a problem ranging out to search. Is there something I can do?
My new service dog will not eat anything I try and feed him. What can I do about it?
I am a new handler. I have a dog that acts very nervous when he searches buildings. What can I do?
I have a very handler aggressive 2 year old Malinois. He just bit a child. Is there a boot camp I can send him to?
I am going into law enforcement and was wondering about breeding a black GSD to a white GSD. What will the problems be?
I am a new K9 handler, our state does does not require state certification. Can I use my dog on the street before its certified by someone?
My police K9 has a problem with the OUT. What can I do?
I am raising a puppy for police work. Should I allow people to pet my pup when I take it out to socialize it?
Our local police k9 handlers use electric shock sticks on the dogs testicles to get them off the sleeve. Is this an accepted method of training police dogs?
We have a police K9 in our town. He barks at cars when he is at stop lights. We have two small dogs and when we walk out dogs he barks at them. Is this normal?


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