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Q&A on Questions from Police K-9 Handlers
We paid $8000.00 for my patrol dog. In a real life situation the dog ran away last week. What should I do?
My dog had a problem engaging a passive suspect under a mobile home – what can I do?
I am having problems with my dog not biting passive suspects. Can you give me some ideas.
My K-9 partner works very well with an electric collar, the problem is the dog will drag me down the street when I put a leash on him. What can I do?
I work a K-9 in Southern California. My patrol dog has a problem with searching in real deployments. He works well in training, but on the street he looses his search drive. What can I do?
Our city council will not OK the use of a narcotics detection dog that has gone through training. Can you give us some ideas on how to solve this problem?
I am having problem with the recall. The methods our trainers use are not working with my patrol dog. Can you offer some other ideas on the recall?
Should I sensitize my dog to pepper spray?
My police dog goes nuts when he hears fireworks. What can I do?
My friend’s K-9 is locked in prey drive. Do you think it’s possible to bring him to be a more serious dog through defensive training?
I have a Rott in patrol dog class that has had so much bad training on heeling that we can’t seem to get him to heel. Can you help me?
Our sheriff wants our reserves to form a K-9 unit to back up regular officers. What do you recommend?
My patrol dog has problems with the down when he is not near me and in drive. Any ideas of what I can try?
What is your opinion of civilians, (Schutzhund trainers), selling K-9’s?
I am a military dog handler on active duty. My service dog becomes very aggressive towards MY gun when I fire it. What can I do?
What is your opinion on Bark & Hold vs. Bite & Hold?
What is your opinion of an officer buying a puppy and trying to raise it with the purpose of ending up with a police service dog?
I have a problem with my patrol dog returning to me during a building search. What can I do to make him continue to search?


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