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Q&A on Narcotics Dog Training
Can I sniffer train my own dog? If so, can my husband's cousin, who is a County Officer, use her as needed? What do I need to do to accomplish this?
I want to train my lab to be a drug dog for our department. Can you suggest which of your videos would be best to use as well as how to know when I can start training her for searches?
My dog becomes very distracted. How can I fix this?
I have a problem with my dual purpose K9 switching from detection to aggression when there are people in the search area. What can I do?
My friend's Mal won't release her reward when she finds narcotics. Do you have any suggestions?
Our department's 3 year old Malinois will stop a search if he finds a plastic bottle. Do you have any thoughts?
Do you think it is possible to train my Schnauzer to be a drug dog?
My drug dog has developed a problem with false hits on door seams. What can I do? This dog has found a lot of drugs. This problem just started.
My drug dog is not showing a lot of interest in the drug find, When I hide a clean drug toy (without the drugs) he hits it hard. What can I do?
Is there some type of law that protects K-9 officers/handlers from liability if the dog does some type of damage to a vehicle during a search?
I am a new K9 handler. I have been told that I should not train my dog on meth because its too hard on the dog's nose. Is this true?
I am a Deputy Sheriff who loves English Bull Dog. I want to train one be a narcotics dog. Can this be done?
How do we cause our K9 to alert with more intense excitement on drugs?
My dog does a great job on scratch boxes in my back yard, but will not work them when I take him to K-9 training. What can I do?
Is there a test for my litter of 8 week old puppies that would tell me which ones can be drug dogs?
I work as a correctional officer with a dog. My 3 year old Lab-mix has started to show signs of being nervous about going into cells. What can I do?
If I want my narcotics dog to indicate on gun powder in addition to drugs, do I teach a different indication for guns than drugs?
My narcotics dog has a problem, it is cueing off me during my training. I have a problem finding people to make my finds - what should I do?
I don't reward my dog on a real search unless the drugs are found. I am concerned about rewarding my dog for a false indication. What's your opinion?
How can I increase the scratch indication on my drug dog?


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