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Q&A on Police or S&R Tracking
I am working my GSD in tracking right now and had a question on corners, I was wondering what your thoughts are.
Can I sniffer train my own dog? If so, can my husband's cousin, who is a County Officer, use her as needed? What do I need to do to accomplish this?
Sometimes, when my police dog is tracking, he will stop to smell/lick animal odors. This is becoming a problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
How should I begin learning about tracking? What type of dog is most suited for search and rescue?
I have not tried tracking on older than two week trail. How old can a trail be then that a dog can reliably run?
I have been been looking for sigma psuedo corpse scent on your website and cannot find it, can you point me the right direction?
In Level 1 tracking, my dog misses the track by 30-40 feet. What can I do to narrow this?
When I was trained in tracking dogs, every training officer was vehemently opposed to using food. Can you shed some light on this subject?
Ed where do you get off telling people to train tracking before air scenting?
I have your Tracking Thru Drive video. I went out 100 yards and hid, my dog went crazy to find me as I left him. Was this correct?
I took my dog 12 hours from where I live for a competition. He refused to track. What did I do wrong? Can I fix it?
I have a question about a local police instructor who wants to wash a dog with nice drive because its getting too far off the track. This instructor is a foot step tracking instructor.
I would like to know what cloth is best to collect scent from a victim so that it can later be used in a scent identification with a dog. What material should we use?
I just got a 8 week old GSD that I want to raise as a service dog. We have your tracking through drive tapes at our department. What should I do with my new pup?
I'm interested in training my Police K-9 for FEMA certification. I'm having some Focus-related problems that I know are handler error. Can you help me?
I have a young GSD that I would like to train in S&R and evidence recovery. What tapes would you recommend?
My 10 month old female is not picking the food up as she tracks. What should I do?
My dog has no food drive. Can you help me?
I am an Australian K9 handler. I have read your articles on Hard Surface Tracking we do scent discrimination here in my department.
What should a non-K9 officer do if bitten by a police service dog?

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