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Q&A on Police or S&R Tracking
The female I bought crawls on her belly when I take her to track. What can I do?
My dog has problems tracking cement. It does very well on vegetation. What can I do?
I live in the UK. My 2 1/2 year old police dog was started on area search before his tracking was finished. Now I want to train him in
My dog has some issues with articles on the track. There are times he will not indicate and then when he does indicate he wants to CHARGE out of the down position. What can I do?
I am a little confused on the method to use for my Schutzhund tracking dog. Should I use only food drops in the footprint or a food drag?
What is your opinion of using a TOY at the end of a track to motivate a dog in tracking training?
When should I start articles on my track and should I introduce the articles on the track or off the track?
My new police dog lifts his leg all the time on the track. My voice correction does not seem to phase him. What should I do?
I have been trying to teach my service to track using food drops and a pile of food at the end of a 20 year track. I have some problems. Can you help me?
I have a very high drive sport dog. He has scored very high in SchH I, but I am having a problem slowing him on the track. All the methods suggested to me have not worked.
What is your opinion on using food to train a sport tracking dog?
My patrol dog urinates a lot on the track. He has done this when he is very close to a suspect and in my opinion he knows they are there. What can I do to stop this?
I have a 6-month old female that I want to train in S&R. How would you recommend that I proceed?
I currently own 2 rots. I have joined the Rot Rescue Club and will be taking in 2 new rots. Do you have any advice?
My dog has a problem keeping her nose to the ground, she is more interested in prairie dogs and coyote scat. What can I do?
Can you help explain how to train the article search to a police dog?
My two dogs pull much too hard when tracking. What can I do?
Is tracking thru drive stressful on the dog?
A local fire department bought a young dog for S&R. It’s very fearful around strangers. Do you think they made a mistake?
What is your opinion on the tie out test used by many S&R groups?

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