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Q&A on Police or S&R Tracking
My dog tracks, but when I down him on articles, he’s always looking at to throw the ball and won’t restart the track. What can I do?
My dog becomes nervous, extremely anxious and out of control in strange places. How can I break this so I can do S&R work?
I want to train my police dog to track, but I don’t want to use food...
Can a dog be trained in S&R and Personal Protection?
Can you train a dog in footstep tracking and then move to TTD?
Will heeling exercises on a choke collar hurt my 8-month old dog’s tracking drive?
Is it better to start tracking training with a dog that is younger?
I have a 1 year old dog that is being trained in TTD. We are following the advice you give in your Level 1 video. My dog runs the entire track as fast as she can. Do I need to slow her down?
Your video shows young dogs tracking with the wind at their back. Most trainers I have talked to track to the wind. Can you tell me why it should be done your way?
When should I consider looking at level 2 & 3 (urban/suburban) tracking?
Does the level 2 & 3 training video teach a dog to circle at the end of a dead end.
When I re-train my dog in TTD how far back in training do I go?
When can I start my puppy on tracking?
It’s winter here in Canada. My dog tracks too fast. Should I slow it down and what about tracking in snow?
What kind of food do you recommend using on the track for sport?
How do you eliminate food used in training a competition tracking dog?
Is this video much different than the Dildei tracking video?
Who is the instructor on the video Competition Tracking?
Is the video you did on Competition Tracking filmed in America?
My dog has real problems at the start of each track. What can I do?

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