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Q&A on Search & Rescue
My beagle sniffs all the time, could she do search & rescue?
My Search & Rescue dog has been skunked twice now, will she ever learn to avoid these critters?
My Mal is almost seven months and training in tracking and arson are going very well. I now would like to teach her to bark when she finds the Quarry. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
I’ve let a playful lab turn into an aggressive nightmare. He is cross certified in wilderness and human remain detection. How can I make sure he won't be aggressive out in the field?
I have a few problems with training my SAR dog. How do you balance obedience training and motivational search training?
I want to get into S&R - there seems to be so many different opinions. What should I do?
My 9 month old GSD is a great S&R dog, but she is showing signs of aggression towards the other S&R dogs in my group. Any suggestions on how to stop this behavior?
Can my beagle be trained in S&R?
My sheriff will not allow us to use our dogs for S&R unless it is certified. Where or how can get this done?
My 10 month old dog is trained to track. Now it is time to train it in Air Scenting. I am having problems with control off leash. What should I do?


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