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Q&A on Breeding
My bitch killed her 4 pups after they were born. Should I breed her again?
I have a shepherd who isn’t letting the pup nurse. What should I do?
Why does my female have problems having puppies?
My female occasionally develops a temp a couple days after birth. What can I do for this?
Will you explain line-breeding?
I have a pup w/ bad hips. Should I take another from the same breeder?
How can I tell when my bitch is through having puppies?
My bitch just had 16 pups. My vet advises to cull, (kill), 6 of them. Should I do this?
When should we neuter our working dog?
What are ‘pink registration papers’ for a German shepherd?
Should we buy a male to go along with our female pup to start our breeding program?
Can you tell me what I can do to improve my my stud dogs performance?
Can you tell me how long it takes for my female to have puppies after she is bred?
My dog just had puppies and she isn't eating. What would you suggest?
We attempted to do an AI breeding but my dog did not become pregnant. Do you have any advice for us?
After showing the formula to the vet I was told to be careful of the egg because of salmonella is she just being DUMB AND DUMBER?

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