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Q&A on Breeding
My dog killed 2 of her puppies, is the instinct to kill newborns an inherited trait?
I have a 3 year old German Rottweiler, who just had her first litter of pups. She has wanted nothing to do with them from the time they were born. I am at a loss at what to do.
I am currently fostering a liter of puppies for the humane society. They have a strange malformation of their front and back legs. I was wondering if you've ever seen this before?
My male doesn’t know how to mate with my female. How do I get him to mount her properly?
I have been breeding labrador retrievers for 9 years now and within the last year, nearly every litter that I have comes down with some sort of virus. Any ideas?
My GSD had a litter last weekend. Yesterday she started growling and snapping when the puppies would crawl towards her face. Do you have any idea why she would be doing this?
I have GSD pups. We don't see the dam nursing and I'm a bit worried. Should I force her to nurse the pups or tube feed? How often should she be nursing them?
Is xraying a pregnant bitch the best way to confirm that she is pregnant and that everything is OK for delivery?
I have a 6 year old female great dane. I was told their pelvic area starts to close around age 6 and a c-section would probably be needed. What do you think?
I have a question about Natural breeding, which I do a lot of, should you wipe the penis and/or vagina with anything before breeding to eliminate bacteria?
When do you start figuring the 6 months for the next heat cycle? From the last time the female was bred or after she has had the litter?
My female had 3 pups a month ago. I left home for a couple hours the other day and when I came back one of the pups was dead. I’m not sure if my other puppies are safe, what should I do?
My female seems to be sick after giving birth to five pups. I have an appointment with vet but am afraid it may not help. Any advice?
We have seven 12 day old pups now and one seems to have an infected umbilicus. It's reddened and crusty. It's the runt, he started whining yesterday. Any help is appreciated.
My doberman bitch just had her vaccinations and is in heat. How soon can she be bred after receiving her vaccinations?
I want to breed my female, however the stud I would like to use is quite large. Is there a way to determine if the sire is too big for the female to handle the birth of the pups?
I have a female that is vicious and fearful, but I want to breed her because she’s really beautiful and my male is gorgeous. Should I breed her?
I have some questions about our newborn lab puppies. Can you help?
Our bitch had just one puppy and he’s now 6 days old and hasn’t gained even one ounce. What do you think?
Some people have told me I can breed my female to 2 males during the same breeding cycle, is this correct?

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