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Q&A on Breeding
My 1 1/2 year old Shih Tzu tied with my male 3 times over the last 2 days, does this mean she'll have a large litter?
I have a 7 week old Doberman puppy who isn't growing like the others in his litter and he makes a weird sound in his throat. Any ideas?
Two of our males bred our femaile in heat, will the litter be viable?
My female was bred to my male and she had a false pregnancy. Is it safe to breed her again or will she have another false pregnancy?
We have chosen not to get our female spayed. How do you handle a female in heat?
My one year old female had 12 puppies, 1 was stillborn & 2 more have died. How many puppies usually survive in a litter of this size with a first time mom?
Our female has been fed a raw diet since she was 6 months old with no problems. She is in the early stages of a planned pregnancy and the only vet I have access to advises I should stop raw feeding and switch her to Science Diet puppy food. I don't want to do that, can you help?
Over the last 2 weeks my 14 month old female has become obsessed with being in her crate. Please help!
I have a 7 year old female that has never had a litter, is she too old to breed for her first time?
Have any of your momma's continued to nest after having her babies?
I bred my female Chihuahua and then after I brought her home the neighbor’s dog bred her. Do I need to worry about this?
If a purebred female breeds with a non-purebred male, will she ever be able to have purebred puppies with a purebred male?
My Great Dane recently lost her entire litter of puppies. Would it be bad to breed her again so soon? How many litters should I let her have before it starts to affect her health?
If I am feeding a raw diet, how much bone should I be feeding my female during pregnancy and after she has her litter?
My beagle got an English bulldog pregnant. I would like to have one of the puppies but the owner of the bulldog said they will be selling the puppies and not giving me one. Do I have any rights to the puppies?
What should I use to get rid of fleas on a possibly pregnant dog?
My dog is 13 months old and hasn't gone into heat yet. Do you know why she hasn't?
My dog has had two litter and all but one pup has died. This pup doesn't seem to be growing at all. Do you have any idea what might be going on?
My dog recently had pups and has a bloody discharge. Could she be in heat this soon? Could it be something else causing the blood?
I am trying to decide whether or not to fix my dog, not fix her, or potentially breed her with another dog. I would love to breed her with another healthy male but do not know what breed I would be looking for or how to go about caring for her through pregnancy. Would you suggest I take her to a dog trainer and have them care for her through pregnancy?

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