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Q&A on Breeding
I never see our 11 day old puppies poop, could they be constipated? They also randomly twitch while they are sleeping and done eating. Is there anything wrong with the babies?
I have a female dane in heat. She started bleeding 12 days ago but just swelled up 6 days ago, I have never seen a female bleed for a week before actually swelling up. Is this normal?
I am wondering if artificially inseminating too many times can cause pregnancy and birth issues?
I have an 8 month old male and he has reached puberty and he bites at his private area and tries to pleasure himself and whines while doing this. We have a friend who has a female that just went into heat and they want to breed her with our dog... Would this be a good idea? Would it maybe help his problem and calm him a little?
My Lab gave birth three weeks ago to 10 puppies. She hasn't been feeding often and she is losing fur and seems depressed. What could be wrong with her? What more can I do to helper and the pups?
I have two pups that were abandoned by their mother. I've using your formula, but they don't seem to be doing very well. What should I do?
My 3 year old dog as had at least 5 seasons. She swells up at the back end ok but never bleeds. Is this a problem?
My dog and her pups have a pink/rust looking tint on their front paws & muzzles that isn't coming off. Is it bacteria? Have you heard of this? Is it harmful?
I would like to breed my dog, but I'm not sure if she is in season or not. She may be spotting. Is this a false season or should I take her to the male and see what happens?
What is a safe size differential for breeding pairs?
I have tried to breed our 3 year old German Shepherd to other females 4 times and he has only produced 1 puppy. I am wondering if this could be a medical problem?
Your bottle feeding recipe works great, but would you know why the mother had no milk?
My dog recently had puppies. I recently found her with almost all of them dead and one missing. Do you think she killed them or our other dog?
My dog got pregnant on accident and is about to have her puppies. I am so worried about what is the right thing to do, could you help direct me to some information?
We are trying to breed our female lab but are having problems with the males. Can you help me with a few questions?
My friends 2 females had C sections to deliver their litters and when she brought the second female home from the hospital, the 1st female attacked the other one and the puppies. All but one of the puppies died. What is your opinion of this ?
I have a dog whos is acting strange with her pups. If I only let her with them to feed, how often does she need to feed them? Is this the best thing to do?
I was told that 3 years is too old to breed and if my dog does not start to mate around 2 years of age he would not be interested in mating. Is that true?
I have a 3 year female that just had her second litter. She killed 6 and would have killed them all if I had not have intervened. Why did she change?
I would like to start a breeding and training kennel but wondered how I would go about that, since my house is not big enough for that. Can you give me some tips?

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