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Q&A on Breeding
Is it okay to put the heating pad under a plastic whelper helper type of whelping box?
After having puppies, my pug has not come into heat again. What do you think the problem is?
My male poodle tied with my rat terrier. She had her pants on and he managed to manuever aroud the tail hole. Should I abort this litter today?
With your experience how old is too old to breed a dog? Have you ever bred a dog that was half blind?
Has your formula been used on other types of animals? How would you feel about this being used on fawns?
Our dad dog bred it's own pup. I didn't even know that they would, I thought they had a natural instinct not to breed it's own pup. Will this litter be ok or should we abort the babies?
I was wondering if the 'hot pants' they sell for when the bitch it's in heat actually work in preventing accidental breeding. They advertise it for both reasons, but I have my doubts.
We got a new stud dog earlier this year with a WONDERFUL pedigree and temperment, but he is completely clueless as a breeder. Do you have any advice?
My only concern is if your bottle feeding recipe has enough iron in it. None of the ingredients contain iron except maybe the egg yolks. Do I need to add liquid vitamin to this formula?
We have three breeding females. Is there any way to keep them from having heat cycles at the same time?
I have a female rottweiler that is 9 months old and a male rottweiler that is just a little over a year old. They ended up mating on her 1st heat. What should I do?
Nine weeks after the birth of an all dead litter, my bitch is still passing a mucus/blood discharge daily, perhaps the equivilant of one teaspoon. Any idea why?
My Boxer just had her first litter of pups and had a whopping 10 of them. She is not eating very much and I was wondering do we need to help supplement the pups?
My dog just started exhibiting some behaviors, notably loud whining and whimpering that ends up being high-pitched barks. Is this radical behavior change normal?
My Lhasa Apso seems she to have interest in her pups what so ever. I know she's producing milk it's just she doesn't want to nurse them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Is discharge normal before the bitch comes into heat? And Have you ever seen a bitch come into heat only a couple months after the first one? That can't be normal?
I feed my dogs raw and I have a bitch that is 45 days along. She would happily eat more than I give her. Do I need to feed her more? Will a time come to feed her just as much as she'll eat?
I have two miniature schnauzers that have both just whelped healthy litters. I would like to have them spayed. Should I wait or do so as soon as puppies are weaned?
One of a litter of 4 GSD pups has developed hypomeylination. Can you tell me where this comes from? Do I fix both parents? Do I euthanize the effected pup?
What is the best vitamin to give a pregnant GSD?

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