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Q&A on Breeding
I would like to know how long after flagging to allow a dog to mate? How long do dogs stay fertile for?
I have collected a sperm sample and am ready to give it a try. How are you supposed to keep the sperm fresh? Freezer or refridgerator?
I purchased the 'How to Artificially Inseminate your Dogs' DVD this week and I was wondering where I can purchase the stains needed to do vaginal smears?
My female Rotti started to have a dark greenish discharge. I took her to the vet and she gave birth to 16 stillborns. What would make her go into labor and have all the pups dead?
I have conflicting info on pregnancy. Does it increase bone (eclampsia) or increase more muscle meat? Also, do you continue heart worm medicine while pregnant?
Can I let my dogs (male and female) live together in the same place and let the female decide when is the right time for breeding?
I have bred my female twice with 2 different males, both resulting in some testicle problems in the males. I am reluctant to ever breed her again. Any thoughts or suggestions?
The breeder of our dog told us to give our bitch, Pet-tab Calcium 1 week before whelping her. The Vet says no. Who is right??
My dog is pregnant and not eating very well. Do you have any suggestions of what I can do to get her to eat?
My dog just had puppies and now has mastitis, is it ok to continue to let the pups have her milk? Also, due to some bleeding, my vet recommended that I spay her, what are your thoughts?
I have 2 week old litter with diarrhea. Is it was safe to feed a cc or 2 of Pepto or plain Yogurt to them at this age?
After breeding my female, she had a lot of dark drops of blood. Is this ok or normal?
My GSD pup has been diagnosed with Demodectic mange, I'm wondering if I should never breed her because of this.
My GSD is blue and I am wondering would it be best for the working lines to not breed him even if he is titled and scores high on his hip x-rays?
Where can I find the dyes used in your AI DVD?
I'm having some problems with a litter of pups. Do you have any advice?
I am taking on a litter where the mother has had a tendency to kill her pups in the past and am wondering what are the best ways to go about things.
My stud just bred with 2 different females, who are now both bleeding abnormally. Do you think they're ok or might there be some sort of STD?
My litter is 7 weeks old and the cry when the defecate. Is this normal?
I am having many problems with my current litter. We now have only 2 pups left should I keep doing what I am doing?

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