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Q&A on Breeding
My pup has a small umbilical hernia. I am wondering if this is something that I should be concerned with if I decide to breed him?
My dog just had puppies. She seems perfectly normal besides having constant diarrhea. Any suggestions on how to make it go away or what might be wrong?
It is probable that my dog is pregnant, but it has not been confirmed by a vet. At 65 days, I can feel movement in her belly. Is she pregnant or what is moving in her belly?
I want to artificially inseminate my dog, she started spotting on Thursday and I want to order the DVD with the supplies but I need some info on what to look for when she is ready.
How do you handle things with your other dogs while breeding?
My dog's first litter was very successful. I've been trying to breed her again, but she keeps twitching and avoiding the tie. What should I do?
How long should I wait after my dog is in heat to get her spayed?
I have a 3 day old orphaned Yorkie puppy. How large of a hole do I need on the nipple for your formula to get through?
Is it normal for a bitch to lose a lot of hair after breeding? Also, is it normal for a bitch to upchuck her food for her pups?
I have a comment on one of you questions on breeding about calcium deficiency and how a mother behaves.
I am wondering if what my bitch is going through right now is what is called 'phantom pregnancy'?
My Great Dane has a dark reddish brown discharge at the end of her first period, is this normal? And how can I prevent pyo?
My Boxer just had a litter of nine puppies. The mother chewed the head off of the runt when I left them alone together, do you have any information on this kind of behavior?
My bitch is coming into season and I'm wondering if I should breed her again after a horrible first experience? And if I do breed her again, what tips could you give me?
I am having problems getting a tie with my dogs. Do you have any suggestions?
I have tried breeding 4 different females with no pups resulting. Do you have any suggestions?
My Siberian Husky is 3 weeks pregnant and is showing brown discharge. Is she aborting?
My Chihuahua just had pups and is acting a little strange. She picks up 2 of the pups and tried to leave them under the couch. Do you have any thoughts on this?
How should we raise our single pup without littermates?
We've had 3 dogs recently lose pups in utero the week before they were due to whelp. We were able to save one female, but lost the other 2. Have you heard of anything like this?

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