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Q&A on Breeding
My female GSD produced 9 puppies. 2 of those pups are reported to have Demodectic Mange. Would you stop breeding that female? Would you ever replace a pup with Demodectic Mange?
We have a 5 week old pup with a possible heart defect. Should we wait for him to die naturally or should we put him down? What would you do?
Is it always necessary for the dogs to 'lock up' to have a successful breeding?
I want to breed my 9 month old female. What are the dangers of breeding at this age?
My dog died leaving 5 pups that are 3 weeks old. I have another female with pups that is willing to nurse them. Are we doing her any harm by doing this?
My female will throw up food which the pup will eat. Why does she do that?
My Chocolate Lab is due to have pups soon. I am not sure when I have to step in and bottle feed them. What should I do?
My Nephew's Rott just had 8 pups. She will not nurse them and she leaves the room. What can we do?
We have a stray dog under our deck, and just discovered that she has 5 or 6 puppies. They look healthy, but I would like to move them all to a safer place in the yard. How can I do that?
My male is having trouble breeding my female. She is flagging him but nothing is happening. Do you have any suggestions?
How long after whelping do you have to wait before breeding again?
My female Rott tied on her 11th day. It is now a week later and she is still flagging the male. Should I separate them or let them breed again?
Do you know when my 4 month old GSD will go into heat? Also, what would be the earliest I could breed her?
How long is too long to wait for a dog to whelp before you should take her to a vet?
How long after a female starts bleeding do you get her bred?
My Shitzu lost 2 of 4 pups. She does not seem to want to nurse. What can we do? We don't want to lose another puppy.
My Golden just had 12 pups. They are doing fine, but I was wondering if I should start supplementing and bottle feeding. What do you think?
My wife and I have a littler of pups. In the beginning the mother cleaned up after them but are starting to get weaned and she does not do this any longer. What can we do?
Our Blue Heeler, Sky, passed away 2 days after having her puppies. Do you have any information on how to care for these newborns?
My female just had a C-Section and killed her puppies. Do you think it was because of the C-Section?

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