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Q&A on Breeding
What do you think of Ferro and his son’s as far as breeding goes?
Is there a blood test for females who have been bred, to see if the bitch actually got pregnant?
My male dog jumps on my female but cannot seem to get her bred. What can I do?
What was your opinion of the German Shepherd that was in Westminster last night (2-13-01)?
Are there supplements that you would recommend giving a bitch that you want to breed or have bred?
One of my friends (a German) was responsible for checking the bloodlines of the East German Dogs. What is your opinion of the breed right now?
We have a litter of 12 pups one has a cleft pallet. Our vet recommends tube feeding. What do you think?
My bitch comes in season every 3 or 4 months. We can not get her bred. What can we do?
I bred my male to my bitch 3 times. How do I know if she is pregnant?
I think my female is 4 weeks pregnant, but she has developed a discharge and won’t eat. What should I do?
How do you raise your pups that make them so easy to house train? We have seen several of your dogs and they were all house trained in no time.
I have a 2-week old pup that isn’t gaining weight. I let her nurse by herself 3 times a day. What should I do?
My imported bitch had a litter. She won’t accept them and I am sure she will kill them it they are left alone. What should I do?
I bred my Rot 4 months ago. Now he wont work when there are bitches in season. What should I do?
My bitch is still spotting 6 weeks after having a litter. Should I take her to a vet?
Some breeders advertise pink papers. What is this all about?
I bred my Rot bitch to a purebred Rot male. 2 weeks later I put her out with my GSD and he cross-mated her. Will she have both types of puppies?
My female had a litter of 10 pups and ate most of them. What should I do?
My brood bitch has nine 3-week old pups and is losing her milk. What should I do?
I have only had 2 litters and have questions on when to breed my bitch.

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