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Q&A on Health
One of my dogs somehow got mange and now think that my other 3 dogs may have it as well. Is this possible?
My Australian Shepherd female has a bit of arthritis in the hips and was spastic. I plan on following your advice. How much swimming and Glucosamine should she get daily?
My GSD has knee problems. A vet told me he needs surgery on both knees. A friend who is a holistic vet says there is no need for surgery. What do you think?
My 7 1/2 month old Dutch Shepherd only has one testicle that dropped. I have been told to neuter him now because of health complications. I'm unsure. Any suggestions?
Our dog, Libby is hyperactive at times. She starts to huff or hyperventilates, ramming into things in a drunken state. Is there anything we can do?
My dog is having seizures and my vet isn't helping very much. What do you recommend I do?
Once a week or so I have to raise his tail and relieve his anal glands. The fluid comes out with quite a bit of force. Should I be worried? Is there anything else I can do?
For some reason my dog loves my truck. Could there be something wrong and this is why she goes in it so often?
My dog sheds so much every day we pretty much have to vacuum out the kennel daily. Is this normal?
My female, spayed GSD rescue has come down with high folates. This appears to be a symptom of EPI. Are you familiar with it? Is there a recommended safe treatment that you know of?
I recently took my dog to the vet and he is sliding his butt across the floor. What do you think could be the reason for this?
Occasionally when my Chihuahua uses her pee pads her bottom becomes saturated with pee and it drips off of her making everything smell. Have you every heard of this problem before?
A few years ago our dog started having seizures. Recently, he has woken up a few times and attacked our other dog. Do you have any suggestions about what we can do?
Our GSD has always had periodic bouts of diarrhea. Would you recommend that we take a stool sample to the vet to be tested?
I want the puppy to develop masculine characteristics, what do you suggest I do?
My pup started going to the bathroom every hour. Usually he goes every 5-6 hours and he can't make it outside. What's wrong? Should I take him to the vet?
Which combinantion of the supplements in your site is best for an older dog to improve his overall moving capability and at the same time to improve his hips and joints?
Our pup has been great until recently when he was neutered. Now he urinates in his crate everynight. What could be wrong?
I feed raw and our puppy is very underweight. Everytime I increase her amount of food she gets sick, any thoughts or suggestions on what it could be?
We have a 3 week old puppy we got her some drops from the vet for fleas, but her gums are kind of white. Anything at home you can give her for anemia?

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