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Q&A on Health
I would like information on sites or from your resources re: Heart worm and flee & tick prevention.
Our dog is allergic to many different foods and we want to give the best and healthiest raw diet, what are your suggestions?
I have a malinois that has had an allergic reaction twice in the past year. The vet bill ended up being expensive. Do you know of anything over the counter that could help.
This April, at the age of 2 1/2, our dog was diagnosed with auto immune encephalitis of the vestibular region of her brain. Any suggestions on regaining her confidence?
I have two 6-week-old GSD pups who are very small and weak. Is there anything I can do get these puppies through this?
What products do you recommend for heart worm prevention, flea and tick protection?
My pup has pano and I am wondering if there is anything that I can feed or give him that would help this go away?
I just wasted a lot of money on bad xrays. I wish I would have seen your eBook sooner.
My dog has Babesia and I want to switch him over to a raw diet, but I wasn't happy with what my veteranarian had to say about it. What are your suggestions?
Our dog was recently diagnosed with pancreatic enzyme deficiency. I am wondering if you have any suggestions to keep her healthy?
I put a deposit down for a puppy. When they were born, there were only 3 of them and 1 was a stillborn. Is this a cause for concern? The mother also has pannus.
Why do you do hip x-rays when you do them?
Our dog is constantly licking/kissing everything, is there something wrong with him?
How do you get around rabies vaccinations at the vet when you live in a state that requires them? And are over the counter things at places like Pet Smart okay for parasites and worms?
My dog loves doing agility work, but suddenly he just doesn't want to do it. I noticed that he has been drooling a lot too. Any suggestions on what could be wrong?
One of my pups owner's called saying that the pup has a urinary track infection. I did not see it, any ideas in your experience of what the problem might be?
My dog has Pano and I'm wondering if you can give any advice or insight to the situation before I bring him to the vet.
Could point me in a direction for finding a vet that doesn't make you give shots? Also, would Heartworm be considered one of those types of medications that dogs don't really need?
Why don't you x-ray females that are in season?
I have never had my 5 year old GSD's hips X rayed because I have been told there are risks to anesthesia. Should I bite the bullet and get it done anyway?

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