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Q&A on Health
I think I have allergies to dogs. What should I do?
My 7 month old GSD doesn’t like to eat. What should I do?
What age should I have my GSD neutered?
My dog has bad skin problems on his feet and legs. Do you have any idea what to do?
My last dog died of bloat, is there anything I can do to eliminate this from happening to my next dog?
After taking my dog to the groomer she seems to always be shaking her head like she has water in her ears. What should I do?
Can you tell me more about how to deal with “Pano.”
My dog is limping badly in the front leg and a vet said it’s growing pains. Have you heard of this and can you tell me what to do?
Do you know how to clean your dog’s ears?
What do you do if your dog is spayed and she is licking her stitches?
Do I have to quit Schutzhund because my dogs hips are bad?
At what age, if at all, do you recommend getting a female spayed that will be doing personal protection work?
Do you have any advice regarding spondylosis?
Are joint oats or grand flex appropriate for my dog?
I am 64 years old and have a very hard time cutting my 19 week old German Shepherd puppy’s nails. What should I do?
The ears on my 14 week old German Shepherd pup were up. 2 days ago one went back down. Should I be worried?
Lately, my dog has been unable to keep up with me on walks. Why do you think he might be doing this?
Should I neuter my puppy?

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