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Q&A on Health
I just got a new puppy and after a few days and switching to raw, she has started to itch a lot. What do you think this could be? How long do you think I should keep her on this food to see if it is the problem?
Last month, our dog ate some highly toxic seeds from our back yard. We're trying to get rid of them, but he is still finding the roots. Can we use the e-collar to make this plant taste and smell bad?
I've been somewhat disappointed by the relatively narrow perspective being presented about the use of Rimadyl in the Newsletter.
Another dog dies from Rimadyl
What would be a good time to focus train my dog in the day?
I may be bringing home a 3 month old puppy tomorrow that had surgery to remove a sock from her stomach just last week. She seems like a great pup otherwise. Do you think this pup will be ok psychologically and physically?
My pup eats everything... toys, socks, underwear. We try to keep things picked up but he still finds them. What can we do?
I had emailed you quite a while ago with a question about a GSD female that used to love tugs and bite work, but suddenly stopped.
My dog's breath smells like rotting meat, do you know what could be causing this?
What do you suggest to use to cool crates when the car is moving?
I have a 3 year old GSD male who failed his first OFA hip exam, mostly because of poor positioning in the xray. Is walking good to help strengthen his hips?
Have you ever had a problem with moisture build up in indoor kennels during the winter? How did you handle it?
Do the Kelp and Alfalfa Powder expire?
What should I use to get rid of fleas on a possibly pregnant dog?
What age is it acceptable to allow your GSD to jog with you? Engage in jumping outside of what he would normally? Lastly, does tie out work effect your puppy'ss joints?
My dog was suffering with pano and I followed your advice. Thank you.
I have noticed orange seed like items in my new puppy's bedding. What are they?
How would you position a dog with only one leg for xrays?
My vet asked if I would like to do a Gastropexy at the same time as my dog's spay. Do you have any info or know any one who has done the surgery on such a young dog?
I was wondering if Giardia Parasitic D'Tox is a treatment or preventive for Giardia and if it also works for Coccidia? Do you have any recommendations for Coccidia?

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