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Q&A on Health
Our rescue dog, who has hookwork, keeps going to the bathroom in the house. Could this problem be associated with the intestinal parasites messing with her digestion?
Comment about ear implants.
My pop has only dropped one testicle, but I don't want to have the dog castrated. What should I do? Is it better not to bother training this pup and start over from your experience?
How much vigorous physical activity is ok for my dog?
How do you balance treats with food to keep your dogs at a desired weight?
I just noticed my dog has a balding area not quite at the base of her tail. My husband usually bathes her and said she has had this for a while but is getting worse. What would you suggest?
Recently my dog started eating other dog's or cat's poop, he has never done this before. Do you think it's related to raw food?
Just wanted to send you a quick update on my dogs health, since I last wrote to you several years ago.
My 3 year old dog has been on a raw diet since he was a pup but I think he has allergies. He scratches his ears, licks his paws and bites at his tail. Can you offer any suggestions?
My chihuahua is 9 years old and keeps taking one biscuit out of his bowl and just places it down in his spot. I am wondering what this behaviour means and if we should try anything to stop it?
My dog has pretty sensitive skin and a healthy, but thin coat. She seems to itch a lot in a few hot spots and I find a flea or two every now and then. What do you suggest for flea control and tender skin?
Do you carry any products that you have seen help with anal glands that fill up and need monthly expressing?
My dog is eating my other dogs' poop. Should I change his food? Do you you recommend any supplement or vitamin that will stop this terrible habbit?
At what age does Ed typically recommend to spay his female shepherds?
I have an 8 month old that HAD 1 testicle that never dropped. I do not want to get him neutered. Is there a test we could do to see if he only has 1? If I do not get him fixed after 2 years is it dangerous for problems to arise?
What is the best dog foor for our new pup? He is constantly scratching and licking his paws. Could this be from his food?
Is it easier to work with/train a neutered male vs an intact male? Or is drive in a dog that particular dog's personailty vs gender?
I have a 10 year old dog with degenerative arthritis in his hock and knee in the same leg. A friend told me about Yucca and how it helps her dogs. My dog has kidney problems, would Yucca Intensive have any affect with his kidney issues.
I'd like to know where you got your three wheeled bike? Can you use the dog harness (pole) that attaches to the main handle bar?
I have a 15 year old dog with spinal stenosis that barks for no reason and is having bowel accidents in the house. We work full time and sometimes he barks all night long, we are very frustrated.

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