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Q&A on Health
I began feeding my dog raw food last April. I'm wondering if you think there is a connection between raw food and recurrent giardia?
My 8 month old GSD had Pano. Would the vitamin E or C make a significant difference with the food he is already getting or do you know anything else I could do for him?
What supplements should I order for my arthritic dog?
A Licensed Veterinary Technician's view of Rimadyl.
I have a couple questions on spaying & neutering.
I recently boarded my dog and his voice seems to have changed. He greets me differently and isn't as chatty. What do you think happened? Will his normal voice come back? What can I do to get it back?
My vet is recommending the use of Rimadyl when my dog is nuetered. Is there a safe alternative I can ask for to provide post operation pain relief for my dog?
My dog just tested positive for Lyme Disease. Have you ever heard of a false positive? Would you get a second opinion?
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for warning people about Rimadyl. I lost my gorgeous 5 year old Staffie mix to this med in March 2010.
Pfizer Sued after Dog Dies from Rimadyl Toxicity
My dog has a sock addiction. Our vet recommends that he wears a muzzle when he's at home. What type would you suggest?
Our dog has bitten me and attacks our other dogs. He started having seizures and is taking medication. I'm wondering if his behavior is training related or medical related. Please help!
My 4 1/2 month old pups have been having bowel problems. We tried switching foods, but it only seems to have gotten worse. Is there any advice you can give us?
I would like to know what the ideal weight should be for a 6 month old female malinois pup.
Our dog is suffering from inflamed elbows. Is there anything you could recommend to help him?
Recently one of my dogs has started licking excessively after she eats. Any suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated.
I recently purchased a 5 and half week old GS pup. The pup has had loose stool [pudding like] since we brought him home. Can you please help me.
What supplements should I use for a dog with hip dysplasia?
My dog sometimes limps, we had him x-rayed and the vet said everyting looked okay, just some slight atrophy. What would you suggest?
I've sent in 2 sets of xrays to OFA on my 3 year old GSD and gotten back 2 different results. Do you have any advice?

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