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Q&A on Health
My stud dog was diagnosed with anaplasmosis and while his semen count is high, the motility is very low. Do you have any experience with this?
Our 4 1/2 year old has exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. It has always been a struggle to keep him at a decent weigfht, even with the enzymes. Do you have any advice?
What would you recommend for comfortable bedding/ flooring to avoid bone and joint issues in an outdoor run?
I switched my dog to a raw diet and she's doing great, but she is sooo itchy all the time. Do you have any suggestions?
I just lost my 3 year old dog to bloat, what can I do to prevent going through this with my next dog?
I just noticed my young dog’s teeth are all chipped and have brown spots. What should I do?
Can I give my German Shepherds Ivomec once a month by injection to protect against heartworms instead of the heartgard if given the right amount/dosage by weight?
I'm getting a GSD puppy in about a month and was wondering what to feed it. Suggestions?
Our GSD has been diagnosed with a disease called Onychodystrophy which is a form of Lupus in dogs. Do you have any information for us about this?
One of my new pups arrived and has some fleas. We are concerned about the commercial flea products as these pups are only 9 1/2 weeks old. Do you have any recommendations?
How much alfalfa should I give my 90 pound dog? He's got allergy issues and I'm hoping this will help him.
My one year old GSD has scratched all the hair off of his nose, ears, both his sides,bites an his rear ends both sides, bites and licks at his feet. PLEASE HELP IF POSSIBLE!
I will be getting a 12-week-old GSD next month. Do I need to use probiotic supplement and how much do I use? What about D'toxifier?
I have a wonderful GSD from German lines and he is very healthy, EXCEPT for his feet. His feet constantly get worn. Have you heard of GSD soft-pad syndrome?
We took our Boston Terrior for a checkup with the vet and discovered luxating patella. Do you think the trauma from a fall caused this or is it hereditary?
My puppy has hair loss that started after her vaccines. I think her immune system must have been compromised. What can I give her to build up her immune system?
I have 3 year old German shepherd that is always scratching his lower back. I tried Vita E and pure code liver oil. Nothing helps. Please advise what should I do.
My 3 year old Lab has green urine, what should I do?
We just found out what it is my dog is allergic to. What am I not doing that I need to be doing?
Our 4-yr-old female GSD's heart skips a beat every 100 or so heartbeats. Do you have any idea what may have caused this?

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