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Q&A on Health
We have a 3 year old GSD with an extremely sensitive stomach. Are there any supplements that you can recommend which can help rebuild and maintain his system?
I have a 7 month old long haired GSD that has bad hips, I’d really like to pursue S&R with him. I’m considering a hip replacement for him when he’s full grown. Thoughts?
I’ve been trying to clear up my rescue dog’s allergies. I feed a raw diet and give a couple of well known supplements but she’s still got issues, am I missing something?
From what sources do you list vets on your website?
My friend’s dog will eat all types of rubbish when he’s not supervised but he tried to eat my dog’s feces as she was relieving herself. Have you ever heard of this?
My dog is scratching like crazy since I switched his diet, could it be the beef I’m feeding him?
My dog recently had bladder stones, what I can feed her?
My dog died unexpectedly, what in your opinion might have caused this? Are chow chow mix dogs prone to dying young or this type of an episode?
I’ve heard unfounded rumors that grapes and avocados are toxic for dogs. What do you think?
Would syn-flex or grand flex be best for my dogs progressed hip dysplasia?
My parents are strict vegetarian so Molly is a vegetarian too. I have been told milk isn't good for her, is that right?
I have decided to spay my dog. Should I leave the ovaries in or remove them? What do you think?
I Have been having some really bad weight issues regarding my GS. Any advice?
I took my pup to the vet yesterday and I'm not sure the vet told me the right amount of medication to give, what are your thoughts?
My vet says I should still give the dog heartworm meds by mouth and use the flea control oil. Is this harmful and should I be doing this?
My ten-month old Westie eats rocks. Would using the lap dogs remote collar work to make her hate rocks be a good idea? Does the DVD give all the details about its proper use?
Is there anything we can give to my dog to decrease the acidity in his urine?
My puppy has a chewing/eating problem. He chews on everything and anything, to the point that he has landed in the emrgency room twice. What should I do?
We brought our 8-month-old male GSD to get neutered. The vet stated they couldn't complete the surgery due to premature vantricular contractions. Your thoughts?
I will be getting an 8-week-old GSD in a couple weeks and was hoping to get your opinion on when to spay.

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