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Q&A on Health
I've noticed that whenever my wife and I get out of the bed or ready to leave the house, they shake their backs. Is this due to excitement?
Is it too early, at almost six years old, to start giving my dog Glucosamine. Do you have any recommendations as what to start him on as a preventative?
My wife and I have a 10 month GSD. Should we wait to have him neutered? I want him to grow to his full maturity and potential and not loose any of his fight or aggression.
I have a 4 year old beagle who gets over-excited and anxious. Will any of the calming or anxiety pills or supplements that you have help out a bit. Which one is best?
Our female GSD was diagnosed with pannus about 7 months ago. We are worried about the steroids the vet recommends. What do you think? Do you have experience with this?
I took my dog Nika to vet for skin problems. She said she has subcutaneous cyst. Is there anything different for shampooing or combing that can be done to prevent it?
Is there any reason to wait another month to neuter? Will I be limiting any development of the dog by having the procedure done at 5 months?
I have some questions on the Alfalfa supplement you sell.
Out of our litter of 10, I noticed one female with what I believe to be an inguinal hernia. Do you agree on waiting to have her examed? Is there anything I can do to help now?
My 8-month-old GSD pup was diagnosed with giardia. Will most dogs eventually respond to the meds or build an immunity to the giardia?
What are the risks of having my bitches x-rayed with a sedative for the hips when they are in season?
I have three pugs, one of which is having some problems right now. He is knuckling over. Which Honest Kitchen food would you recommend?
I have a female GSD who has developed a limp in her left rear leg. I am not a big believer in vets, so I have been reluctant to go that route. Recommendations?
The other morning we noticed our dog limping. He also seemed lethargic, wouldn’t eat much, and was taken to the vet but they can't find anything wrong. What do you think?
My dog eats EVERYTHING. Is he going to outgrow this tendency and is there some explanation why he does this?
Will hosing off a GSD make them sick? Could an owner bring a GSD into the shower with them and wash dirt off without hurting the dog's health?
With yogurt, my dog went from 5 random bowel movements a day to 2 scheduled ones.
I recently read information on the risk of bone cancer and thyroid issues that could be related to neutering your puppy too young. How do I know if I have an aggressive dog?
Some people have told me they clean their dog's anal glands and how it is necessary to do so. Is this something that should be done? What is your take on this?
If I feed my 8-month-old GSD joint supplements now, will it incur any stress or insure proper development for adulthood?

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