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Q&A on Health
We have a 2.5 year Malinois with worn-out teeth due to tennis balls. Can you assure me that Wubba is safe? Any other advice on preventing tooth wear?
My dogs eat poop, it is so disgusting. What can we do to get them to stop?
3 of my 6 dogs chew on their feet. I did blood testing for food and environmental on one of them. What is your belief on the blood tests for allergies?
My dog is underweight so my vet believes it may be E.P.I but want me to up her food intake first to see if that helps her gain weight. What are your thoughts?
Our dog rubs his butt on the rug what is going on here?
Are there any sturdy toys for my 2 Australian Cattle dogs. Also, at what age do you suggest that a female be spayed for a personal protection dog?
I have a 6 mo. old GSD. I use beef liver for training treats. I realize that too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. How much of this I can use on a weekly basis?
I've started my dogs on a raw diet & I'm using the same ingredients that you're using. Are you giving anything for their joints? If so, what are you giving or what do you recommend?
Last month, we x-rayed our dog. The vet said she had mild dysplasia in her right hip and is developing arthritis in her spine. What should we do?
I have a 2-yr-old GSD who loves to play with her Frisbee, several times a day, for 10-15 minutes each time. Would this kind of cause damage to her hips or back?
What can I do to stop flies from biting my dogs?
Is it true that spaying before the first heat can adversely affect growth and bone development?
I have a question about dosage for the Probiotics Supplements. I'm not sure how much to measure for my 95 lb 15 month old black labrador retriever.
My 8 month old Blud Brindle Pitt is in her 1st heat, is there anything I can do to make her more comfortable? She is very nervous and spooked. How long do the heats last?
Vets concluded that my dog has IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease) and/ or Leaky Gut Syndrone. Have you folks had any experience with this condidtion??
I currently own a doberman/lab mix. Recently he has been experiencing hair loss along his body. Is there any solutuion that you have found to be effective?
After exercising or just playing my dog shows up lame. After a game of chase, he'll begins to limp on one of his back legs. This is not like him. Any suggestions?
My dog has seasonal allergies. He has a dry spot and keeps licking it. Is there an ointment to use? I noticed you have a book on allergies. Is that a real helpful book?
We have an 18-week female GSD who appears to be weak in the hind quarters. Is it too soon to worry about her hips? When should I get x-rays for her?
We've been feeding our dogs chicken backs since the switch. What should the bone to meat ratio be? Am I anywhere close to getting this right? Is there anything I can give for pain?

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