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Q&A on Health
We've been feeding our dogs chicken backs since the switch. What should the bone to meat ratio be? Am I anywhere close to getting this right? Is there anything I can give for pain?
Last night, my pup's front leg suddenly started bothering him. He seemed comfortable and relaxed at first but started to wine and scream. Is this normal?
My dog recently broke her leg and has to be crated a little more than normal. She seems to be getting bored. How can I help her?
If you have any TPLO experience, I would be grateful for advice you have to offer in nutrition, in-house confinement, post-surgery exercises, or anything else.
My friend thinks my 11-month-old Mastiff's diet is the source of his 6-week limp on his front right paw. What advice do you have on this?
My dog has septicemia and has stopped eating completely. Do you have any suggestions to add to his food so he can get as much nutrition as possible?
I am very interested to know if any of the GSDs at the Leerburg Kennels have been diagnosed with Perianal Fistulae. If so, were any changes to the diet made for this?
My dog is experiencing what seems to be allergies with eye discharge and hair loss. What do you suggest I do with his diet with the Honest Kitchen food?
Why does a dogs urine make yellow spots on the lawn? Is there vitamin or supplement that we can give the to help stop or minimize this?
My dog eats feces, we try hard to always clean it up, but some times he beats us to it. What do you suggest?
My GSD pup had about 12 inches of intenstine removed. She'll handle small amounts of protein fine but relapses when I increase the amount. Will my pup recover?
My dog has arthritis, is there anything I can give her to make her feel better?
Have you ever heard of reversing the damage from HD? OR have you ever had a dog of this age fail and then retest later to pass?
Which brand of natural kibbles from your site's list would you suggest for a dog with allergies?
What do you suggest to strengthen a dog's mind to overcome his fear of thunder?
My dog recently had bladder stones and surgery for it. She seemed to be doing fine, but now she is having problems again. What do you suggest?
Our pup is so sick, we've been to the vet 3 times in the past 2 days. Do you have any ideas of what could be wrong?
I have two questions, one regarding taping ears and the other about a limp my pup has.
How much walking is safe for my pup now that she is 4 months and when she's an adult?
One of my dogs somehow got mange and now think that my other 3 dogs may have it as well. Is this possible?

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