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Q&A on Health
My 14 month old German Shepherd is usually very playful. About 6 weeks ago we moved and his behavior has changed. He has become cranky and has even snapped at my son. I corrected him strongly and now he just goes in his crate and sleeps. I don’t think he’s sick. Did I break our bond?
My dog gets stressed out when we need to handle him for flea treatments or baths, do you have any advice?
What do you suggest for preventative ear cleaning for a dog that swims?
I recently watched the Dr. Becker video about early spay & neuter and had some additional questions.
Can you recommend some healthy natural supplements for my 12 year old Border Collie?
What's the best way to keep the snow from building up between my dog's toes?
Our dog gulps down her kibble, do you have any suggestions on how to get her to chew her food?
Do you have experience with surgical intervention for a puppy with hip dysplasia?
Will Grand Flex help my GSD's digestive issues?
My German Shepherd has been having seizures, my breeder feels this is environmental. Do you know of any chemicals or substances that would cause this?
I have a 7 week old Doberman puppy who isn't growing like the others in his litter and he makes a weird sound in his throat. Any ideas?
My puppy is having his ears cropped and the vet prescribes Rimadyl for post surgical pain. Do you have a suggestion for pain medication instead of Rimadyl?
My dog had a mesenteric torsion surgery & had 30% of his small intestine removed. He recovered and is doing well except for horrible gas. Do you have any recommendations?
My 14 month old Rottweiler has become obsessed with her crate over the last 2 weeks. I'm considering removing her crate from the house, do you have any ideas?
My dog recently had surgery and I need to keep her calm until she’s recovered. What can you suggest to keep her energy level down during the healing process?
My female was spayed 3 days ago while she was in heat. She also had a hernia repaired & a rabies vaccination at the same time. Is it normal for her chest & stomach to be swollen?
Are Parvaid or Vibactra Plus only good for sick animals or can I use them as a prevention for pups going to homes and being exposed to all sorts of viruses and potential stress?
My 10 week old puppy has coccidia and is being treated for it. His appetite is OK but he's not interested in treats, should I hold off on training with food right now?
My friend’s 10 year old dog had ACL surgery a few years ago and is now limping on the other hind leg. The vet is recommending surgery, should we go with the vet’s recommendation or should we rest the dog for 6-8 weeks and reassess?
Over the last 2 weeks my 14 month old female has become obsessed with being in her crate. Please help!

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