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Q&A on Dog Food and Feeding Dogs & Puppies
What is the benefit of picking up a dog's food after a certain amount of time?
My breeder told me a puppy should be fed with protein content less than 20% so that she does not grow too quickly. What do you think?
When I do feed the honest kitchen with meat, should I only feed meat that has no bones at first or start with chicken wings with little bones?
Can I pre-mix with water, add meat protein, put in small zip lock containers and freeze my dog's twice daily portions?
How do you wean pups to the Honest Kitchen product?
How do the Verve and Keen formulas compare in terms of Nutritional Analysis? Do you think it is wise to vary the Honest Kitchen formula I serve to my dogs?
Is the Keen brand for Honest Kitchen not made with intense heat? Also, when I take my dog to the kennel, he is required to have his vaccinations. Any way around that?
Anything dehydrated at higher than 118 degrees begins to kill enzymes and is no longer consider raw. What temperature if Honest Kitchen dehydrated at?
Should I be adding more supplements to my dog's diet?
I currently feed my 3 dogs Honest Kitchen, Embark, and Force. It realized the box won't last me for the week with usual measurements. Advice?
Does Honest Kitchen contain raw meats? I'm confused as to whether the meats are raw or cooked? Also, any thoughts on meats I could add?
My 5-pound Yorkie has three bowel movements a day ever since her start on Embark. She had less on kibble. Is this normal?
Do you think adding it to kibble is a bad idea? Also, I have three Great Danes; wouldn’t it get quite costly to do the meat add ins?
Which Honest Kitchen food would be more favored for a picky/finicky eater?
I have a concern about calories. While I still feed my 2 dogs Honest Kitchen's Force with cooked meat, I am considering Verve. Is it less calories?
I want to switch my dogs from kibble to THK. How do I start introducing my dogs to THK? Any ideas?
I will be getting an 8-week-old Lab soon. Should I feed it Perference. Also, should I be adding calcium to the diet?
My two maltipoos started on a Honest Kitchen's Force diet with a little bit of kibble in it. I noticed they have more bowel movements. Is this unusual?
I worry about excess calcium in my dog's diet. Any supplement recommendations as well as a certain kind of Honest Kitchen?
Do you have a suggestion on which of the Honest kitchen foods we should try for our dogs? Would it hurt to add some rice or other grain to help prevent bowel problems?


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