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Q&A on Vaccinations
My female was spayed 3 days ago while she was in heat. She also had a hernia repaired & a rabies vaccination at the same time. Is it normal for her chest & stomach to be swollen?
Is it recommended to NOT keep a puppy from a mother's litter? Also, my vet said the first set of puppy shots is not needed. What are your thoughts?
We had issues with our dog biting when he was a pup, but it seemed to get better after neutering. Now after using Frontline he is acting very aggressive and growling & snapping at us. We're scared. Euthanize?
My dog has suddenly become fearful, he is so fearful now that just taking him out to go potty is a hassle. He tries to back out of his collar and run away. Do you have any suggestions?
A friend has a 6 year old dog that just started having severe seizures, is there a chance these are vaccine related? Her vet does vaccines every year
My puppy has hair loss that started after her vaccines. I think her immune system must have been compromised. What can I give her to build up her immune system?
My 12 week old puppy is scheduled for his next round of shots today. He just had vaccinations 3 weeks ago but I'm scared if I don't take him that I'll cause him harm. What should I do?
My doberman bitch just had her vaccinations and is in heat. How soon can she be bred after receiving her vaccinations?
When I take my dog to the kennel they require that he be up to date on all vaccinations. Is there any way around that?
What dewormer do you use on your puppies and at what age do you start? I was also told that my pups have a genetic defect because they had a bad reaction to vaccinations.
Our dog had a reaction to the rattlesnake vaccine, which according to our vet is unusual. What do you think?
I am wondering if I should listen to my vet, and if the test shows his immune system is weak I should vaccinate again?
I know that you state that you no longer vaccinate your dogs. Does this include rabies shots also?
Am I not supposed to get any vaccinations at all or are there some I am supposed to get my dog?
In regards to not getting shots for puppies, does that mean you recommend that puppies don’t get any of their vaccines? If so, can that be detrimental?
I heard you don't vaccinate your puppies and dogs at all. Is that true? Is it ALL vaccines or do you give SOME vaccine/s?
Should I NEVER get my next dog vaccinated - even when it is a puppy? How do I make sure the breeder does not vaccinate it before I buy it?
I am getting a pup which I will be using as a working cadaver dog, but I have been doing lots of research on whether I should get any vaccines for him. I had a few questions...
What proof do you have that you no longer need to vaccinate your pets for diseases? Do you have a vet that can back that up?
My Boston Terrier female is a Therapy Dog (TDI) and her new pup will be shown conformation and hope to do agility. For some of these events, proof of rabies vaccine is required.


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