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Q&A on Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Food
I have a concern about calories. While I still feed my 2 dogs Honest Kitchen's Force with cooked meat, I am considering Verve. Is it less calories?
I want to switch my dogs from kibble to THK. How do I start introducing my dogs to THK? Any ideas?
I will be getting an 8-week-old Lab soon. Should I feed it Perference. Also, should I be adding calcium to the diet?
My two maltipoos started on a Honest Kitchen's Force diet with a little bit of kibble in it. I noticed they have more bowel movements. Is this unusual?
I worry about excess calcium in my dog's diet. Any supplement recommendations as well as a certain kind of Honest Kitchen?
Do you have a suggestion on which of the Honest kitchen foods we should try for our dogs? Would it hurt to add some rice or other grain to help prevent bowel problems?
My dog has recently started to eat grass especially after eating her HK for dinner. Any ideas?
How much Honest Kitchen food can I mix with grain-free EVO kibble?
Have you heard of EVO from Innova? How does it compare to Honest Kitchen? Also, do you have any problems with E. coli?
I have a GSD that has dry itchy skin and is scratching a lot. What kind of HOnest Kitchen would you recommend?
My dogs have a few health issues. Any suggestions? Could you also tell me how long a 4lb bag would last?
My dog is allergic to many things. I supplement her with cooked ground beef and egg. Would Honest Kitchen be a good choice for her?
I need help on starting my dogs on a raw diet.
How much flax is in 1 cup of Force?
Is it okay to feed my dog
Would you still consider Honest Kitchen to be good enough if used long term? How does it get balanced with RMB?
Can I feed my dog Honest Kitchen alone since I am traveling and it is hard to stock up on raw food?
How much Embark should I feed my 65lb dog and is it okay to mix it with kibble?
My dog is allergic to many kinds of foods. What kind of diet can I use to eliminate her symptoms of scratching, biting, and so forth?
I'm interested in your Honest Kitchen dehydrated food. I heard that dehydrating raw meats creates a large amount of bacteria. How long is the expiration date?


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