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Q&A on Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Food
Is your food or any part of it connected with Menu? Can you give me some info on where your food is produced?
Can you please give me examples of what you add to Honest Kitchen foods?
Is it okay for me to mix Honest Kitchen to my dog's kibble?
Is it normal for the dog to have anywhere from 3-5 bowel movements a day?
My puppy is starting to lose bone mass at the front after being on a raw diet. My breeder recommends putting him on kibble until 6 months. What do you think?
I followed the instructions for the Embark but it ended up being soupy. Did I use too much water?
Is it okay if I add chicken to Honest Kitchen food everyday for my dog?
Am I feeding my dog too much? How can I start transitioning to less dry food?
Which product do you recommend? Also, do I need to add bones to this or is it sufficient without them in nutrition?
How can I make the food more economical to feed?
Why do Honest Kitchen diets cost a little more than regular pet food?
How long does a 10 lb box of food last an average dog, and how much does it cost to feed?
I try not to give my god kelp or alfalfa because of the allergy risk, is there enough of either in Honest Kitchen to be a possible problem?


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