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Q&A on Nutritional Supplements
My puppy is having his ears cropped and the vet prescribes Rimadyl for post surgical pain. Do you have a suggestion for pain medication instead of Rimadyl?
Are Parvaid or Vibactra Plus only good for sick animals or can I use them as a prevention for pups going to homes and being exposed to all sorts of viruses and potential stress?
What can you advise me to use for tick control that is safe and effective?
What should I use to get rid of fleas on a possibly pregnant dog?
Is it ok to freeze Flea Free?
I was wondering if Giardia Parasitic D'Tox is a treatment or preventive for Giardia and if it also works for Coccidia? Do you have any recommendations for Coccidia?
I was wondering what would be the earliest age you could start giving you dog Grand Flex?
I have a 10 year old dog with degenerative arthritis in his hock and knee in the same leg. A friend told me about Yucca and how it helps her dogs. My dog has kidney problems, would Yucca Intensive have any affect with his kidney issues.
Does your synflex glucosamine come with a precise measuring cup? Can I mix it right into his raw food diet and is it palatable enough for him not to reject his food?
I just purchased a bottle of Syn-Flex, should I follow the loading dosage indicated on the label?
My vet told me that it's a good age to start my 8 year old lab on supplements. Do you have any suggestions?
I have a 22 month old boxer diagnosed with hip displasy level D and disk problems level 3. What can I do to prevent her condition to get worse over the years?
My GSD eats raw and gets several supplements. The vet told me to give him glucosimine; he has arthritis in his back legs. Should I also add Joint Aid?
I am interested in purchasing your Atlantic Kelp. My dog has a lot of allergies. I wanted to know the process by which you make the kelp. Any animal ingredients in this?
I have a Walker Coonhound who is extremely afraid of thunder. Any suggestions for how to comfort her or train her to settle down and finish the walk?
For Vitamin C and Vitamin E supplements, is there anything specific with them to seek out for? Should I get a natural Vitamin C supplement or is any Absorbic Acid powder sufficient?
I have an 8 year old working line Shepherd that is starting to have some trouble when walking (this is sporadic). Can I help my dog by giving him some of these products?
How much Vitamin E do you recommend for a 30 pound Standard Poodle?
What can I give my dog for discomfort due to hip dysplasia? We used a painkiller from our vet but realized the risks on the liver. Do you have any suggestions?
I just received the Probios that I ordered. The directions said to give 1 tsp daily if dog is over 1lb. Is it safe to do this everyday? Also, should I give any to the puppies?


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